CareerBridges: Integration through bilingual coaching


CareerBridges: Integration through bilingual coaching” (in German: KarriereBrücken: Integration durch bilinguales Coaching) is a unique initiative that shall help you succeed in the German labour market. 

We offer:

  • Aptitude assessment with the use of customized assessment tools
  • Personalized job coaching in German or English
  • Group training „Work culture in Germany“
  • Individual coaching Applying for a job online 
  • Duration: 5 weeks / approx. 10 hours per week
  • Virtual delivery 

This initiative is meant for:

  • Individuals entitled to an activation and placement certificate (Aktivierungs– und Vermittlungsschein, AVGS). In particular:
    Unemployed migrants and those at risk of unemployment

    – asylum seekers

    individuals with Duldung”, i.e. tolerated stay permit 

  • People in reorientation phases

By participating in our coaching you will:

  • Assess your own potential and suitability for most in-demand occupations  
  • Explore different job opportunities and set out on a clear career path 
  • Find your way around the German job market
  • Deepen your understanding of the German work culture 
  • Improve your digital skills 
  • Enjoy personal advice and individual coaching 
  • Establish initial contacts in the world of work  

Counseling Sessions

More information


Hannhy Sellar +49 (0) 8995 459 44 – 36

Natallia Prystrom +49 (0) 8995 459 44 – 39


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