CareerBridges: Integration through bilingual coaching

Embarked on a new chapter in Germany and seeking expert assistance to navigate the German job market? Let us guide you towards success in your career journey!

Career Bridges will help you successfully integrate into the German labour market. With the help of our potential analysis, you will work with your job coach to conduct an aptitude assessment that takes into account your strengths, wishes and professional experience and analyses your fitness for most in-demand occupations. 

Based on assessment results, you will be assigned to one of the following three modules that can prepare you intensively for the relevant professional areas through individual coaching sessions: 

Module „IT-SkillCheck“:

  • Discover various IT professions 
  • Navigate challenges on the way to the IT job market 
  • Master the strategies for entering the IT industry 
  • Identify your strengths for IT roles 
  • Evaluate the dynamic landscape of the IT job market 
  • Craft compelling CVs and motivation letters

Module „CuraSkill“:

  • Get acquainted with job profiles in the care sector 
  • Navigate challenges on the way to the care labour market 
  • Plan steps for integration in the care profession 
  • Analyze the dynamics of the job market 
  • Create attractive CV and motivation letter 
  • Set realistic career goals in the care sector 

If none of the existing modules align with your preferences, fear not! Opt for our "LevelUp" module, where we tailor our approach to your unique needs, paving the way for enduring success in the German job market:

  • Determine individual steps 
  • Get a good idea of careers that match your interests and skills 
  • Create attractive application documents (CV, motivation letter) 
  • Understand and manage the job application process 
  • Search for suitable job offers 
  • Improve self-confidence and self-presentation 
  • Enjoy active guidance and support 

In addition to your job coaching, weekly group sessions will be held on the topic „Work culture in Germany“ that offer a multicultural exchange of experiences and tips alongside information inputs.  

Your language level will be considered so that we can provide the entire coaching in simple language, either German or English. 

Your coaching in short:

Duration: 65 academic hours distributed along 5 weeks max.  

Place: virtual classroom; a face-to-face meeting in our offices can be arranged upon request  

Start of the coaching: any time upon agreement, after an activation and placement voucher (Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein, AVGS) is provided  

Competences: time management, career-oriented development, communication skills, use of modern technologies, self-reflection, management of application process, problem-solving and decision-making, profession-related knowledge 


  • Potential analysis and aptitude assessment 
  • Individual coaching in the field of IT or care / general job coaching 
  • Intensive training „Applying for a job (online) 
  • Multicultural exchange through group training „Work culture in Germany“ 
  • Strengths and skills analysis 
  • Implementation of and reflection on individual action plan 
  • Support during the application process and preparation of application documents in line with requirements 

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