The Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting (ECOSLIGHT) Designers training program was developed to enhance the employability of lighting professionals, bridging their skills gap and aligning with the needs of businesses that strived for competitiveness. 

This project identified the required competences and associated job profiles, creating modular Vocational Education and Training (VET) curricula at the EQF level 5. Learning outcomes and adult learning principles guided curriculum development. Professionals upskilled through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and specialized development activities, including work-based learning and collaboration within interest communities. The project integrated frameworks such as EQF, ECVET, and EQAVET to enhance recognition at both EU and national levels, mapped to National Qualification Frameworks in pilot countries. Utilizing established EU frameworks like the European e-Competence Framework, DigComp, EntreComp, and 21st-century skills framework, ECOSLIGHT substantially boosted productivity and outcomes for construction sector professionals, particularly in contemporary technology implementation, energy conservation, and human well-being. 

ECOSLIGHT aimed at upskilling and enhancing the employability of professionals and HEI students linked to lighting-related issues in the construction sector at an EQF 5 level, in order to respond to the market needs for Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting Designers. Following a thorough needs analysis in the participating countries, a set of 3-4 job role profiles was selected. The research conducted so far and preliminary discussions between the consortium revealed the following potential role profiles: 

a) The Light Pollution Specialist
b) The Human-Centric Lighting Specialist
c) The Road Lighting Safety and Security Specialist


01/01/2019– 31/05/2023

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